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Here are the features:

Dual track two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks

Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export keep you up-to-date on reaching your fitness goals

22 programs, 2 user settings and goal tracking are all there to keep you motivated and challenged

20 levels of resistance aligned with a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel, make every workout smooth and quiet

Charging USB port and data exchange

Product Dimensions:

70 x 28 x 71 inches

Shipping Weight: 226.5 pounds

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Elliptical Trainers Reviews

This elliptical trainer is produced by Schwinnn who have been major contributor in the fitness industry since 1966. They are well known when it comes to developing innovations like the perimeter-weighted flywheels and cushioned running surfaces to create durable, quiet, smooth and natural-feeling elliptical trainers.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine has large articulating foot plates which will give you support and ensure the natural motion of your ankles as you stride – for a more comfortable workout.

The front flywheel is designed to place the foot pedals closer together, giving you a more natural stance during your fitness routine, while causing less strain on your hips.

If you are overweight or recovering from an injury or illness then this cross trainer will deliver a cardiovascular workout without putting stress and strain on your joints, due to the articulating footplates with cushioning. The foot pedals are 20” making them nice and wide and at the same time giving your feet plenty of room to move so that your body feels natural while following your fitness program.

It weighs 168 pounds, making it a heavy, sturdy and stable machine perfect for intense, heavy workouts.  When you look at the middle of the Schwinn 430 elliptical trainer you will notice that there is an oversized crossbar which is there to give you stability and a nice free ride while keeping your posture upright and aligned to give you comfort and ease when using the machine.

You can plug in and charge your electronic devices – for example, your tablet – allowing you to watch movies, surf the net and listen to music and much more without worrying about the battery draining while you are doing your favourite workout program.

The monitor console will give you 13 different display feedbacks, goal tracking and data export to keep you up-to-date with the progress you are making towards your maximum fitness goals. There are 22 programs, 2 user settings and goal tracking to give you the motivation to succeed.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine will display your time, speed and calories, you can program in your name, age, weight and height so you can vary your training program and keep it fresh. When you can see the benefits of measuring your progress you will stay motivated. With this elliptical trainer you can either do short, high resistance sessions or longer, low resistance routines, or a combination of both while measuring your progress.

The console on this machine is not backlit.  This can make it hard to read if lighting in your workout area is poor.

The 430 Elliptical Machine comes equipped with a connection feature and is able to save your data for viewing online and sharing with MyFitnessPal.  SCHWINN CONNECT allows you to upload, analyze and track your workout data. Watch your weekly progress, fill in colourful graphs, share your lifetime mileage, while striving for a hot streak in meeting your goals

There is a 10 degree manual ramp range with 6 positions allowing you to exercise with an incline. Changing the incline will make you use different muscle groups. A higher incline will work the back and lower legs a little harder, whilst the lower setting will work the upper body more.

The ability to change the resistance level on an elliptical trainer can also help to develop muscle strength in addition to improving your aerobic fitness.

The only drawback with the ramp is that you can’t change it from the console, you have to get off the elliptical trainer to adjust it.

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Customer Opinions

“I bought my Schwinn 430 a few weeks before Christmas. It was delivered as promised, all pieces were accounted for and it took only about an hour to put it together. I have used it 3 to 4 days a week, including this morning. I have used all the pre-set programs and various inclines. I continue to recommend this product to my friends.”

“The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is a beast of a machine! At a shipping weight of 226 pounds, your workout will begin with simply getting it into the house. (Although the lovely man from the shipping company kindly delivered it up our two steps and indoors.) Set-up time was about 90 minutes.”

“The machine came with a short double male ended cord that allowed me to attach my iPhone5. The monitor does need to be plugged in. There’s room to program two persons into the saved settings, which will keep track of your personal settings and log your workouts”

“I had squeaking that sounded like it was coming from those wheels, but I did some research online and saw some people suggested loosening the screws on the pivot points just a half turn. I did that and the squeaking went away during the next workout (it took a few minutes but it did go away). I guess over-tightening them can cause squeaking where the pieces rub together. That’s my experience anyways!”

“Electronic components: There is an on-board fan that has 3 settings. It is barely directional, so at my husband’s height, it hit him mid-chest, while at my 5’7″ it was a direct face shot. It has an mp3 port, as well as a USB port. The speakers were more than adequate for a workout, but it wouldn’t be able to be used as a stereo.”

“You can link your workout to an account at Schwinn Connect and then transfer that data to My Fitness Pal. Initially, I was very excited about this, but after reviewing the steps required, it seems to be much easier to just log the info onto My Fitness Pal the way I always have.”

“There is a ledge that nicely accommodated my Kindle and worked with my daughter’s first generation iPad. There is also a cup holder, nice touch.”

“You can enter user data with age, height and gender, to get better and more accurate results. Combined with sensors that let you see your heart rate, the heart rate sensor didn’t work so well for me. It kept alternating between 120bpm to 60bpm, which made me mistrust the results”

“The manual covered everything, and while it took some time to put together this massive box of parts, everything went smoothly and came out perfectly. For you ladies and smaller people, I was able to put it together completely alone (and am female). You probably won’t need help–just some podcasts or music to entertain yourself while assembling this amazing machine, and maybe a camera phone to prove you put it together. Takes a few hours, but the feeling of accomplishment is pretty amazing.

Features worked great though, like different per-programmed settings such as “walk in the park”, which was no such thing! It had hills and such, alternating difficulties in a smooth pattern, while some other workouts were even more challenging. The incline can also be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the overall difficulty.

There is a USB port to charge your mobile or tablet device!! You can also plug into the auxiliary port to use the speakers and play music–it even comes with the cable needed! The speakers are pretty loud and clear for something like this, so it’s a great add-on!

I found all parts and fittings to be of very good quality, going together well. If working on carpeting, be careful, as some components are greased.

I selected this product based on its numerous positive reviews and modest price, and have been very impressed to date. The machine is sturdy and operates very smoothly.  For its cost, I consider it excellent. Some reviews complained about the weight (over 200 lbs) but my question is, do you want a piece of equipment like this made out of well-constructed steel, or cheap plastic parts?

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The actual assembly was mostly OK. I did get an arm bar put on backwards, and the plastic cover where the handles attach to the wheel was not easy to assemble. (I had to have my daughter hold up various parts while I tightened screws…this was definitely a two person job.)

The parts card (bolts, washers, etc) also come with the necessary tools for assembly. Although this is a very nice and thoughtful feature, I used my own ratchet wrench with hex head socket which saved a lot of work and allowed me to torque down the critical bolts a lot tighter than I could have with the supplied Allen wrench. Assembly time for me (good mechanical skills, lumbar facet joint arthritis, post lumbar laminectomy, herniated cervical disk, cracked A/C joint in my shoulder – about 4 hours with a few breaks)

Several of the screws and holes did not line up easily, and I’d say that a few of the screws should be longer for easier assembly. Once the machine was assembled (be careful NOT to pinch cords), it works fine.

Packaged very well. Instructions were easy to follow and assembly was not difficult. Has the features and feel of a “gym membership” elliptical.

This is a fixed stride length elliptical exercise machine. It is a BIG machine that does not “fold for easy storage,” so make sure you want this as a piece of furniture somewhere. Once it is put together, you won’t want to move it far. Its shipping weight is well over 200 pounds, so getting all the pieces to where you want to assemble it may be a bit of a challenge.

The programs seem nice, and setting the console was relatively self-explanatory. Having a timer and multiple goals available is nice, and this machine definitely will provide more motivation than a non-electronic model.

I’m looking forward to using it more after my back stops hurting from all the lifting, pulling, pushing, and toting involved in the assembly process.

I am very pleased with the purchase of my Schwinn 430 Ellipitical. I bought it based on its good reviews, but was nervous about assembling it based on the reviews I read. I am 72 and solved my concern by having my 17 yr old granddaughter and 12 yr old grandson put it together for me. They did it in less than two hours. All parts were accounted for, the packing was great, no damage to anything. My granddaughter said she would give the assembly instructions a 9. I have only worked out on it twice but can tell it will give me the workout I am looking for. So far I have only done the quick start routine. I will look into the other features the machine has to offer. Glad I bought it and hope it hangs in there for several years to come.

The fan is at a good height for my 5’3″ frame, though the handlebars don’t come back quite far enough to be “perfect.” Also, the heart rate monitor is attached only to the “static” handles, so you won’t get both moving arms and a heart rate at the same time.

Great machine! I looked at many machines at the local stores which were twice as much as this one but didn’t have as many options as this Schwinn. Assembly was very simple and took about 20 minutes using a power screwdriver and a ratchet, rather than the manual tools provided. Have been using this machine for about a week now. User manual doesn’t show many instructions so you have to figure it out on your own. Set up of personal profile was easy, I love the built-in speakers which play music in great quality sound! The built-in fan is an awesome feature! Machine is super quiet and smooth! Schwinn did a great job on this one and for a great price! Highly recommend this machine!

I am a little concerned that the rollers are plastic, as are the foot pads. These seem like two places that “wear and tear” might have been better considered. There is definitely a dichotomy between the very sturdy metal arms, base and legs, and the plastic console, footpads, and decorative connectors. If you don’t mind assembling your own equipment and would like the convenience of a home elliptical machine, this could be an excellent choice for you.

I was a bit skeptical because of the great price on this one, but it was either this or spending $4-5k on a bowflex model (which I could not afford to do, nor did I want to do). I have been very happy with this Schwinn Elliptical! It is very sturdy, has many setting options and all of the bells and whistles like the ones at the gym. I opted for the Amazon installation and I’m really happy I did!

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine can be fitted in a relatively small space at a cost that won’t break the bank, making it a good little machine when talking about quality ellipticals.   If you want a sturdy, comfortable elliptical trainer with ramp at a great price, this is the one to consider. It’s not necessarily health club quality but you are getting a solid well-made elliptical trainer with a well-respected brand name, covered by a decent warranty.

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